Pulau Bedil, The Hidden Gems

Mother of Bedil Island take us to her island.(photo: apink alkaff)
Poto Tano harbour, Sumbawa, NTB
Poto Tano harbour, Sumbawa, NTB. (photo apink alkaf)

Just a Lombok has Gili Islands, Sumbawa also has dozens of beautiful satelite islands, it has been said that the beauty and biodiversity on Sumbawa’s small islands surpasses thet of Lombok’s.

Bungin island is known as one of the most populated in the world. But Bedil, Keramat, and Timodong Islands are still very natural and exotic.

Because of this, they are heaven for photograpers and great place for explore.

From Bungin island to Bedil island it took about one hour by boat.

No one leave in Bedil, Keramat, or Timudong islands.That make this island very natural and virgin.

No people live here. Keramat Island and Bedil Island, Sumbawa, NTB.
No people live here. Keramat Island and Bedil Island, Sumbawa, NTB. (photo: apink alkaff)

However, we can stay in Bedil island after get permition from Bapak Maffa who have lived part-time on the island for 20 years. In Bedil island, Bapak Maffa will invited us to enjoy the beautiy of the white sand scattered with coconut palms, and old tamarind tree, hibiscus, tropical almond and one sentigi tree that crown the island.

The spectacular scenery makes us wonder though where Bedil Island got its name, which means rifle in English. Pak Maffa claimed that the name goes back to the first world war when boat were moored on the island.

Our ''six star hotel'' in Bedil Island
Our ”six star hotel” in Bedil Island (photo: apink alkaff)


Just a few hundred meters from Bedil Island are the islands of Keramat and Timudong, which can be reached by motorboat from Bedil Island in about 15 minutes.

Keramat Island is no less exotic than Bedil Island and also has no full-time inhabitants, but is often visited for religius regions.

Satisfied with a short rest and with the sun scorching down, we can continued our adventures to Timudong Island, the largest of the three islands.

Hidden paradise, Bedil Island, Sumbawa. (photo:dok)
Hidden paradise, Bedil Island, Sumbawa. (photo:dok)



Timudong dan Keramat Island are connected by a sand bar. At low tide, visitors can walk from one island to the other. This sand bar is also a popular spot for a type of flaminggo and thousands of sea urchins that live in the shallows. With the rainbow af sea life, birds, plants and mangroves these quite and relatively untouched island are real life paradise islands for bot human and animal visitors.(Apink Alkaff)

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Timudong island n Keramat Island Sumbawa, NTB.
Timudong island n Keramat Island Sumbawa, NTB.
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